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Almost 300 years old, the United Federation of Planets is one of the most powerful interstellar unions in known space. Governments across the galaxy united under a single banner, based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality. Over the centuries, the Federation spread far throughout the galaxy, but the farther the reach, the harder to care for equally, and many border and distant member worlds have begun to feel less important than central worlds.

In 2365, recently promoted Commodore Joodet Celidor, the Director of Operations for Starfleet's Section 42, and Commanding Officer of the USS Pendragon lead in the development of Federation Base, Avalon. It serves as the flagbase for the growing region of Federation space in the Beta Quadrant that's all but separated from the rest of the Federation by Romulan and Klingon space, known as the Iomallach Sectors.

As part of Project Deucalion, the relocation mission of The Alora, Rear Admiral Celidor began construction on Camelot Asteroid Base in the D'luc System. The construction began the next phase in the process to better connect the worlds in Iomallach back to the rest of the UFP. Completed in 2386, under the command of Captain Senrah, the base serves many purposes, and poses as the headquarters for multiple groups and organizations, including Section 42's Diplomatic Corps Detachment and the Center for Criminal-Terrorist Investigations. Camelot is also home of the Beta Quadrant extensions for the Memory Alpha Cultural Institute and Starfleet Academy, and serves as Rear Admiral Celidor's flagbase.

Also serving Iomallach, and the border worlds, is Captain Halaris Imorious and the USS Radiance. Since the disastrous and sudden end of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's infamous Romulan Relief Mission, and the Synthetic Attack on Mars, the border worlds of the Neutral Zone have begun to descend into chaos, beginning to feel abandoned by the Federation. The Intrepid-class Starship often serves as the mobile headquarters for Section 42's Diplomatic Corps Detachment, attempting to maintain peace, and defend the worlds from the vultures circling those distant and isolated worlds.

USS Radiance--Bringing peace out of the middle of chaos.

Camelot--Everybody keeps secrets. What's yours?


Section 42: Season 1 - Episode 1

In 2375, the Alora asked Federation Base, Avalon for help saving their world. Six years later, they realized it was time to accept their planet's fate, and asked Starfleet to help move them to a new home.

Now, it's the year 2386. After completing a successful, multi-year relief mission, transplanting the the Alora, Camelot tries to wrap up a treaty with The En'ali, and the USS Radiance prepares to head out on their first mission since starting the relief mission. But things go awry when one shuttle explodes with the En'ali Ambassador on board, and another vanishes.



Section 42: Season 1 - Episode 2

Captain Senrah and her brother take a trip to get away from Camelot while their parents are there. Lieutenant Commander Serenity Imorious has had them arrested for a several part mission to bring down high-level members of the Orion Syndicate. She sends Lieutenant Commander Krisko Krimso and Lieutenant (JG) David Shemp and Lieutenant (JG) Veralie Ayr to Lambda Hydrae IV for another step in the process, and to pick up cargo for Rear Admiral Joodet Celidor.

Meanwhile, the Radiance undertakes a special ship-wide drill, put on by Lieutenant Zangetsu. Of course, things are never what they seem, never go as expected, and, as always, shenanigans ensue.



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